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Photograph by Mark Thiessen


It’s a privilege to be part of the National Geographic Society, and to work with each of you, as we implement our strategic vision of creating a planet in balance. Our success achieving this ambitious vision starts with your unwavering personal commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

It’s the foundation of who we are and how we work. It’s the reason National Geographic is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the world. It’s why so many talented people and organizations want to partner with us. Maintaining this trust, which we have earned since our founding in 1888, is essential to our mission.

The fundamental principles we live by are straightforward — always act with honesty, fairness and transparency. These principles are not always easy to apply given the complexities of the world in which we work. That’s why we have our Code of Ethics.

This is our collective starting point to make sure each of us puts the Society’s expectations for ethical conduct to good practice. The Code of Ethics takes the principles that have made our organization successful and puts them together in a way that will hopefully make them easier for you to apply — and to get help if you have a question or encounter a challenging situation. Be sure to read and recommit yourself to these principles.

And I strongly encourage you to ask questions if you have any concerns about any business practice or conduct you observe at work. There is a wealth of resources available to support you in raising issues, getting answers to any questions and addressing concerns you may have — all in recognition of just how vital your thoughts and questions are when it comes to our ethical standards.

Thank you for your continuing commitment to integrity and upholding the highest standard of ethical conduct in your work for the Society.



Mike Ulica
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating & Financial Officer
National Geographic Society

Maintain the Highest Standards of Ethical Conduct
Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Corruption and Bribery—Strictly Prohibited
Demonstrate Business and Financial Integrity
Professional Conduct
Use I.T. Systems Reponsibly
Media Inquiries and Social Media
Lobbying and Political Activities
Addressing Concerns and Reporting Violations
Additional Expectations for Managers
Contact Information